Temples in Bangkok

As I said before, the Thai people are very religious and there are several "wats" or temples throughout every city and every village. Many of them are very small and simple but we visited a couple of the most ornate in Bangkok.

As a side note, the weather in Thailand is extremely hot AND humid. For the most part it was fine ~ it seemed that whenever it started to get really bad there would be a cloud cover, a breeze would pick up, or we would be on our way inside to air conditioning. There were only a handful of times that it was particularly excruciating and unfortunately this was one of those days! The sun drained the life out of all of us that day, but I've truly enjoyed looking back at the pictures. To visit the Wats, you must have your shoulders and knees covered, so as you can see Matt and I had to wear the "rental" skirts/pants to cover up our legs which made us that much warmer! :) When you enter the temples to view the Buddhas everyone was required to take off their shoes which explains why we are barefoot in some of the pictures! I split this one into two slideshows......lots of pictures but worth taking the time to look at :)


matt said...

one of the hottest days of my life...but worth it!

Larafairy said...

looks so cool! kind of makes me want to go there...maybe.:)